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GAWP is an organization of volunteers working together to keep Georgia's water clean and available to all citizens.


We are in need of your skills to help us thrive and grow!

One of the best ways to make new personal and professional contacts is to get involved in one of the many diverse GAWP committees. We have an opportunity for you to serve, no matter what your expertise or training.

If you are interested in getting involved with any of the following committees, please contact Susana Lanier.

For further information on any committee, you may contact the committee chair listed in the pdf file below.



Committee Descriptions

All Committees are open to GAWP individual members. Organizations noted in parentheses are primary supporting sections for the named committee.

(Download the Committee Descriptions list HERE)

Asset Management Committee

Asset Management (AM) is a business model for water and wastewater utilities in the United States, having had its start in Australia over twenty years ago. AM is a transition from building and operating assets to managing their life cycle. With an AM Program, a utility can develop, maintain and manage utility assets at minimal costs while delivering the service levels that customers desire. GAWP's Asset Management Committee involves a broad spectrum of appeal in the AM Committee membership, to include operating, engineering, financial, legal, manufacturing and consulting disciplines.


Biosolids & Residuals Committee

The Biosolids & Residuals Committee is a group of more than twenty GAWP members with a specific interest in municipal and industrial water and wastewater residuals. Our committee focuses on policies, regulations, permitting, planning, design, construction, operation, and troubleshooting of residuals-related facilities and practices. The committee is specifically interested in not only educating the GAWP membership about existing disposal practices and optimization, but also highlighting innovative methods of beneficial reuse and recycling of residuals materials. The Committee's charge is: The Biosolids & Residuals Committee shall function as a resource to the membership of GAWP in assisting its members initiate, coordinate, plan, develop, and implement recycling and beneficial use of residuals, including water plant solids, wastewater treatment solids, and other recyclable materials.


Collection Systems Committee (GWEF)

The Collection Systems Committee was established  to disseminate fundamental and practical knowledge concerning the collection system and mechanical appurtenances used in wastewater systems, provide training opportunities for operators, and create a forum for discussion of the design, construction, maintenance, capacity, rehabilitation, and management of collection systems and associated mechanical equipment. The committee accomplishes its mission by soliciting papers and developing technical sessions for GAWP conferences and by developing specialty conferences, as appropriate.  The Collection Systems Committee oversees the Collection-System-of-the-Year Awards, including promoting the awards, evaluating the candidates, and selecting the recipients.    The Collection Systems Committee also selects the recipients of the Golden Manhole Award.  These awards are presented at the Fall Conference.

Why join this Committee? Testimonials from Committee Members:

Heather Veal      Charles Morrow      Charles Ecton


Customer Service Committee

The mission and responsibility of the Customer Service Committee is to enhance and elevate the quality of customer service provided by Georgia's utility companies by planning, organizing, and producing customer service workshops or seminars throughout Georgia. The purpose of these activities is to provide training opportunities for all employees in the field of interpersonal relations with internal and external customers.


Distribution Systems Committee (GAWWA)

The Distribution Committee is engaged in providing a forum for water professionals across the industry to share knowledge, ideas, techniques, tools, and resources to further the performance of distribution systems across Georgia and contribute to the professional development of their staff. The committee is made up a variety of utility engineers, distribution system operators/maintenance personnel, equipment vendors, and engineering consultants. The committee meets quarterly in various locations to encourage attendance and participation by as many water professionals as possible.

We sponsor the Distribution System Excellence Awards for utilities that want to participate and achieve bronze, silver, gold, and platinum status based on their system’s audited performance. Our Meter Madness competition, which is a highlight of the GAWP Spring Conference, involves personnel from utilities of all sizes across the state with the winner moving on to compete in the AWWA national competition. The committee sponsors technical sessions at GAWP conferences and provides training and professional development opportunities. Ultimately, the committee strives to support water utilities across Georgia to improve the performance, safety, and reliability of their distribution systems through collective knowledge sharing.


Diversity Committee (GAWWA)

The Diversity Committee recognizes the importance of the water industry acknowledging, celebrating, supporting, and effectively utilizing all individuals. The Committee promotes work force diversity and workplace flexibility programs, conducts special training sessions and programs to advance diversification in the workplace, and works to recruit all interested individuals to the water industry.


Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee meets while the Georgia General Assembly is in session to discuss legislative and regulatory developments and to develop and implement strategies for educating decision-makers on issues of importance to Georgia water professionals. The Government Affairs Committee is responsible for developing a consensus position on legislative issues which is then recommended to the Executive Committee to be adopted as GAWP's official position on the matter.

H2Opportunity! Committee

H2Opportunity is an outreach and recruitment program of GAWP with the following general objectives;

1.   Raise awareness of the water/wastewater industry.

2.   Help potential water professionals develop a fundamental understanding of the water          cycle and how careers in the industry apply.

Encourage and motivate students/others to consider a career in the industry

Industrial Committee (GWEF)

To assist and support industry's environmental efforts through expansion of information exchange and education services to environmental professionals concerned with industrial water, wastewater and other environmental related issues. Committee Focus: Historically, the GAWP's primary focus has been to provide education and training opportunities for people working in the water and wastewater field. The Industrial Committee broadens this focus to include environmental issues of concern for its membership including water, wastewater, air quality, stormwater, and other environmental regulations. The Industrial Committee membership includes a broad-based group of individuals from industries, municipalities, universities, local and state governments, and consulting firms.


Integrated Master Planning Committee

The purpose of the Integrated Master Planning Committee is to identify, discuss, and promote approaches to sustainable water resources master planning efforts. More specifically, the committee will develop a set of guidelines to provide Utilities serving communities of all sizes and locations within Georgia with best practice approaches and strategies to Master Planning. The Committee strives to be a resource for utilities involved in Master Planning efforts. Open forum discussion, workshops and conference sessions are sources for sharing these resources with Georgia utilities.


Laboratory Committee

The Laboratory Committee shall serve to provide a forum for GAWP Laboratory and Operations personnel to meet and discuss current issues regarding laboratory analysis associated with water and wastewater treatment. The laboratory committee is responsible for developing the annual Laboratory Symposium and for selecting and presenting all laboratory awards. The Laboratory Committee is dedicated to the dissemination of technical and scientific information, increased public understanding of water and wastewater issues and the promotion of sound public laws. It also supports programs which improve water resources and endeavor to raise the level of quality of data produced by water professionals.


Leadership Program Committee

It is the mission of the Leadership Program Committee to develop the GAWP Leadership Academy curriculum. The Leadership Academy program is intended to to prepare our leaders to build relationships, and to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to effect change within our organizations and the water industry as a whole. To keep pace with the ever changing profession, the Academy provides participants the opportunity to improve leadership skills and to test them in real life situations. In addition, the Leadership Council expands on the Academy to provide new information and learning opportunities to all GAWP members through Executive Luncheons, Workshops and Training.


Membership Committee

The role of the GAWP Membership Committee is to set forth and advocate and execute strategies, programs and policies that support membership growth and are useful and helpful to GAWP for building and retaining membership; to demonstrate benefits of GAWP membership, to promote GAWP/committee involvement, and to undertake special initiatives (i.e. surveys, supporting district promotions, etc.)
Each section is encouraged to appoint a representative to this committee, as the Membership Committee strives to represent the various interests of all our members.


Model Water Tower Competition Steering Committee

The Model Water Tower Competition is held by the Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP) and the Georgia Section of the American Water Works Association (GAWWA). The purpose of the Model Water Tower Competition (MWTC) is to provide information to young students about water resource engineering, infrastructure, water treatment and conservation in hope that some will become future water professionals.  The mission statement for the competition is: "From Today's Youth Come Tomorrow's Leaders - Let's Lead Some To The Water Profession."


Pretreatment Committee

The Pretreatment Committee assists and supports pretreatment program coordinators through education, training, and regulatory review.  Committee participation is open to, and encouraged of, all Georgia POTW pretreatment personnel and staff members of Georgia Environmental Protection Division and US EPA Region 4 pretreatment programs.


Program Committee

Education and sharing of experiences rank as the most important missions of the GAWP. GAWP sponsors three association-wide annual conferences (Annual, Spring, and Fall Conferences) and many specialty conferences every year. The Program Committee is responsible for the Technical Content of these Conferences. Many of the Program Committee Members represent another committee (i.e., water, wastewater, stormwater). The Program Committee is also fortunate to have several at-large committee members who help with planning and coordinating the conferences. The Committee, in its entirety, is responsible for the technical content of the conferences. The Program Committee meets, on average, once a month to plan for upcoming conferences.


Public Education Committee

The Public Education Committee (PEC) provides education and outreach resources for GAWP. The primary objective of the Public Education Committee is to equip the membership of the association with the tools needed to inform the general public about the ever-changing issues within the industry. In addition, the PEC also conducts an annual three-day workshop for science educators, which focuses on water treatment, water use, and water source protection. The members of the Committee are a diverse group of professionals who together develop and implement unique and interesting programs in support of the water and wastewater industry.

Pump & Pump Systems Committee (GWEF)

The purpose of the Pumps & Pump Systems Committee is to identify, discuss, and develop program to promote an understanding of pump design, proper application, operation, and maintenance across water and wastewater disciplines; as such, to be a valuable resource for GAWP, GWWA, and GWEF members’ networking, education, and support.


Reuse Committee

As the primary water and wastewater organization in Georgia, GAWP has the responsibility to take the lead in educating both our professional membership and the public on new and better ways to manage our water resources including the increased beneficial use of reclaimed water. To meet this responsibility, the Water Reuse Committee will provide education to our membership by presenting focused sessions at our scheduled conferences and through specialty conferences. In addition, the Committee will provide educational outreach to the greater community, including both the general public and elected officials. In pursuing these goals, the committee will network with other environmental, educational and professional organizations.


Safety Committee

The Safety Committee is a group of individuals working as a team, dedicated to the promotion of safe working practices within the water and wastewater industry. The committee is comprised of volunteers representing varying levels of knowledge and experience.The committee values the input of all individuals who believe that safety is an important part of the day-to-day operations and strives to provide interested parties with the information necessary to make an informed decision on matters that affect their personal and professional lives.


Small Systems Committee
The Small Systems Committee members are Georgia Water Professionals who are committed to supporting small utilities. This goal will continue with emphases on not only small systems, but small system operators. This committee focuses on serving small to medium utilities, gaining and welcoming new members with new ideas, and supporting facilities in need. The Small Systems Committee through our Annual Managers Forum, has proven that working through GAWP enhances the effectiveness of small systems, and the future of their operators. The Small Systems Committee strives to help the little guy/gal.


Stormwater Committee (AWRA)

The Stormwater Committee seeks to promote a holistic understanding of stormwater quality and quantity issues by creating forums for representatives from public and private sectors to discuss issues and ideas, promote technology transfer, share innovative, equitable and cost-effective solutions, and develop relationships with other storm water professionals. The Committee remains focused on this goal by working closely with the Georgia Chapter of the American Water Resources Association (AWRA) to obtain the following objectives: hosting monthly meetings and sessions at the GAWP conferences, hosting/participating in an annual specialty conference, providing technical information to GAWP publications, providing timely information to our members through an online bulletin board, and and presenting annual Stormwater Program of the Year awards.


Student Design Competition (GWEF)

The Student Design Competition promotes real-world design experience for students interested in pursuing education and careers in the water and wastewater field. 

The Student Design Competition begins at the Member Association level (GWEF/GAWP). GWEF/GAWP has its own GA SDC competition based on a chosen design problem or problems student teams are currently working on.

The winner of the GA SDC competition will be invited to compete at WEFTED in the coming year. If only one school is willing to participate, that team may compete at WEFTEC assuming the set guidelines are met.


Utility Finance & Management Committee

The purpose of the Utility Finance & Management Committee is to provide a home for activities to serve GAWP member utilities with regard to management and finance related topics including user charges, fees, and rates; financial planning; project management; capital planning; asset management; and similar issues.


Wastewater Treatment Committee (GWEF)

The Committee brings together GAWP members interested in municipal wastewater treatment, and includes professionals in plant operations, management, and engineering design. The Committee provides opportunities for professional development in the technical aspects of wastewater treatment.


Water for People Committee (GAWWA and GWEF)

GAWWA and GWEF support Water For People, which is a not-for-profit organization that helps people in developing countries improve their quality of life by supporting the development of locally sustainable drinking water resources, sanitation facilities, and health and hygiene education programs. Georgia has a local Water For People Committee, whose main focus is fundraising for Water For People.


Water Loss Control Committee (GAWWA)

The Water Loss Control is the identification and reduction of water losses, both real and apparent, through the use of the IWA/AWWA Methodology. This GAWWA committee will meet bi-monthly, and perform a selection of the following activities based on demand and need:

Support Georgia EPD updates to the Georgia Water Loss Control Manual.
Organize and plan workshops focusing on the water audit and water loss control (standalone workshops, and in conjunction with GAWP conferences.)
Organize sessions at all relevant GAWP conferences. · Periodically provide articles for GAWWA and GAWP publications (newsletter, Operator, etc.) · Develop and update messaging and talking points for utilities and Georgia EPD to explain best practices of water loss control to Elected Officials and the public. · Provide a connection to the national AWWA WLCC and their experts and the latest information and developments. · Provide on-call support through committee member experts to water utilities on water loss control best practices (water audit support, real loss control, apparent loss control, etc.)


Water Treatment Committee (GAWWA)

The Water Treatment Committee brings together members with interest in water treatment and provides opportunities for professional development in the technical aspect of water treatment.


WaterWise Council
The GWWC promotes and encourages water conservation and efficiency practices, standards, and policies for the benefit of Georgia's citizens. This is what the Council do:
  • Accumulate and disseminate pertinent water-related information.
  • Increase public awareness of the value of sound water management practices and increased water conservation and efficiency.
  • Establish an education network through a consortium of government, educators, businesses, stakeholders, and citizens to develop and disseminate water related information, programs, and activities.
  • Develop and encourage statewide conservation and efficiency standards and policy for the benefit of Georgia's citizens.
Young Professionals Committee

The Young Professionals committee promotes the objectives of the Association to young professionals and students, including coordinating with the Association's student chapter(s), as well as assisting GAWP in involving those new to the industry with committees and other volunteer efforts within the Association. The YPs sponsor a number of professional and social events throughout the year to allow young professionals and students to gain exposure to the industry. The membership is comprised of young professionals from municipalities, industries, regulatory agencies, and consulting firms as well as students from various universities.