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Stormwater Top Operator Award
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Stormwater Top Operator (TopOp) Award


The GAWP Stormwater Top-Op Award is an award to recognize individuals who provide outstanding job performance of their regular duties in the Construction, Operation, and/or Maintenance of Stormwater Collection, Management, and/or Treatment Systems or those who have demonstrated a high degree of expertise in performing such.  This award, by recognizing system maintenance field personnel, will promote professionalism and pride among those involved in the often over looked Stormwater Systems activities. 

The award shall be given annually to no more than one recipient per GAWP District and be presented by the District Directors at the Spring Conference Awards luncheon. The GAWP Stormwater Committee selects the recipients of these awards.

Persons to be considered must:

1.      Be currently working in a non-supervisory or first line supervisory position actively engaged in the maintenance of Stormwater Collection, Management, and/or Treatment Systems;

2.      Have a minimum of two (2) years full-time maintenance experience;

3.      Have achieved relative excellence over the past year in the safe operation and/or maintenance of his/her system;

4.      Hold a valid Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission Certified Personnel (Level 1-A, Blue Card) or Certified Inspector (Level 1-B, Red Card) certification.

5.      Be an individual member of the Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP);

6.      Have not previously received this award.

Consideration shall be given to:

1.      Knowledge of system operation and/or maintenance activities demonstrated by task organization, overall efficiency, and ability to handle emergency/abnormal conditions.  Relevant or closely associated (i.e. Wastewater Collection System Operator, Certified Stormwater Inspector, etc.) certifications;

2.      Consistently aware of and actively involved in worksite safety for himself/herself, fellow workers and general public.  Successful completion of Confined Space Entry and Excavation & Trenching Safety training;

3.      Promotes and provides excellent and safe equipment/tool operation and maintenance;

4.      Consistent quality of finished product;

5.      Customer service; Cooperation with and/or special efforts in training fellow employees;

6.      Solving operational problems with new or modified techniques/equipment that provides for cost savings and/or safer operations;

7.      Special acts not directly related to stormwater operations and maintenance, but which demonstrate dedication to the public;

8.      Other special performance recognition(s).


This award will be presented on April 23 during the Spring Conference Awards Luncheon in Columbus, GA.

Submission deadline (extended): March 1, 2019


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