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Level 1 Leadership Academy


Day 1:    Understanding Your Workstyle Utilizing the DiSC Personality Assessment


Facilitated by Pat Hienzerling, Crafting Leaders



Day 2:    Leadership Skills

Facilitated by Brian Skeens, CH2M and Gil Shearouse, DDCWSA or John Sawyer, City of Savannah and Mike Thomas, GAWP


Day 3:    Professional Perspectives


The Utility’s Perspective facilitated by Mike Hopkins, Newton County WSA and Tony Carnell, Henry County Water Authority


The Consultant’s Perspective Facilitated by Craig Ferguson, Brown and Caldwell or Hatem El-Sayeh, Barge Design


The Manufacturers' Representatives facilitated by Jon Baker, Templeton & Associates


The Contractor’s Perspective Facilitated by Mark Dickson, Crowder Construction


The Environmental Community’s Perspective Facilitated by Chris Manganiello, Chattahoochee River Keeper or by Ben Emanuel, American Rivers



Day 4:    Decision Making & Conflict Management


Facilitated by Milbree Lankford, Douglasville-Douglas County WSA



Day 5:    History of Water Management in Georgia with EPD Perspective


Facilitated by Gail Cowie, Georgia EPD and David Word, Joe Tanner & Associates



Day 6:    Ethics & Aspects of Professionalism


Facilitated by Milbree Lankford, Douglasville-Douglas County WSA


Level 2 Leadership Academy

Day 1:    Networking and Managing Relationships

Facilitated by Kathy Nguyen


Day 2:    Governance                       

Facilitated by Mike Thomas, GAWP & Mike Hopkins, Newton County WSA


Day 3:    Water Issues – Current & Future

Facilitated by Linda MacGregor, City of Gainesville and Pam Burnett, GAWP


Day 4:    To be determined


Day 5:    Finance and Accounting

Facilitated by Stacey Berahzer, IB Environmental  and Jason Bodwell, Jacobs


Day 6:    Management: Performance Counseling & Coaching for Success

Facilitated by Allen Saxon, Augusta-Richmond County