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Leadership Academy Frequently Asked Questions
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Leadership Academy Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of the program?

It is our job to educate, train and prepare our rising leaders to build relationships and to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to effect change within our organizations and our industry as a whole. To keep up with the ever changing industry, the GAWP Leadership Academy allows participants the opportunity to improve leadership skills and test them in real life situations.

What are the benefits of the program?
Learn from and network with established leaders in our profession. This program allows you to understand the history and future of our industry, solve real world problems, and sharpen your leadership skills. The Leadership Academy equips participants with an understanding of all perspectives in the water industry.

Who is on the faculty?
The Faculty for GAWP's Leadership Academy consists of leaders in the water industry including Utility Executives, GAWP Past Presidents and educational leaders. View the Leadership Academy Faculty.

Who should apply?
You and your rising leaders! The Leadership Academy is a great way to start or continue your rise in the water profession. The value of this program is in its educational component as well as networking opportunities. This program is meant for leaders at all stages of their career and all facets of the water profession. View the Leadership Academy Graduates

Do I have to be a member of GAWP to apply?
Participants in the Leadership Academy have to be Individual Members of GAWP. Individual Membership is $49 annually. For more information on membership and to join, visit the GAWP membership page.

How much does it cost?
The GAWP Leadership Academy is made possible with the support of GAWP's Annual Sponsors. The fee for the Leadership Academy is $1,500. However, for Annual Sponsors and Utility Leadership Patrons, an allocated registration is included in their sponsorship. Questions can be directed to Susana Lanier, or 678-54-7320. Invoices for the Leadership Academy will be sent to applicants after acceptance to a course.

What is the scholarship program and how can I apply for it?
Leadership Academy Scholarships are available only to GAWP Individual Members who work for a GAWP Utility Member serving Less than 10,000 customers. Scholarship Applicants pay a reduced rate of $250 (from the regular $1,500 registration fee) after they are accepted to a class. Scholarship Applicants are not guaranteed a spot in the Leadership Academy as availability for this type of registration is limited.

Where are the classes located?
The Leadership Academy always classes are held at the GAWP Headquarters in Marietta. Other locations around the state may be selected to make it convenient to class registrants, mainly utilizing training rooms of Utility Members.

What is the time commitment?
Classes meet 6 times for 4 hours a session, with the exception of the Professional Perspectives Day in Level 1 which runs for 6 hours. Classes are scheduled about every other week over a 12 week period. Level 1 classes are held each Spring and Level 2 classes each Fall.

What networking opportunities are available through this program?
Networking is a valuable component of the Leadership Academy. Classes are created to have a balance of utility, consultant/engineer, manufacturer’s rep and environmental partner participants. The Leadership Academy courses are designed to be discussion based and help the participants form lasting, professional relationships.

In addition to the Level 1 and Level 2 classes, Leadership Academy participants are encouraged to continue their professional network through socials and continuing education programs designed by the Leadership Program Development Committee. The Leadership Program Development Committee is dedicated to the continuation and expansion of the Leadership Academy and leadership training of all GAWP members.