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GWEF Intro

Who is GWEF?

The GWEF is the Georgia Member Association of the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and a section of the Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP).  GWEF participates in the activities of WEF and promotes the objectives of WEF in Georgia through GAWP.  GWEF, like the other sections of GAWP, has its own set of officers.  The two GWEF Section Delegates represent our “Member Association” on the Federation House of Delegates.  They make sure that the Federation is aware of Georgia’s perspective on issues, and they keep us informed of what the Federation is doing. GWEF actively pursues WEF’s and GAWP’s missions on a local level through section committees and GAWP committees.  The Collection System, Industrial, Pretreatment, and Wastewater Treatment committees are GWEF committees and fall under the direction of the GWEF Executive Committee (GWEF Officers).  The GWEF Section also strives to have representation on each of the GAWP committees.


Collection System Committee

The Collection System Committee’s mission is to establish to disseminate fundamental and practical knowledge concerning the collection system and mechanical appurtenances used in wastewater systems, provide training opportunities for operators, and create a forum for discussion of the design, construction, maintenance, capacity, rehabilitation, and management of collection systems and associated mechanical equipment.  The committee will accomplish its mission by soliciting papers and developing technical sessions for GAWP conferences and by developing specialty conferences, as appropriate.  The Collection System Committee oversees the Collection-System-of-the-Year Awards, including promoting the awards, evaluating the candidates, and selecting the recipients.  The committee also nominates candidates for the golden manhole award.  For more information on the Collection System Committee, please contact Jesse LeBoeuf at

Industrial Committee

The Industrial Committee assists and supports industry's environmental efforts through expansion of information exchange and education services to environmental professionals concerned with industrial water, wastewater and other environmental related issues. The committee organizes and promotes the annual GAWP Industrial Conference, which is usually held in February or March each year. The committee also rewards and recognizes environmental excellence through its annual Industrial Awards. For more information on the Industrial Committee, please contact Chris Stanfill at

Pretreatment Committee

The mission of the Pretreatment Committee is to assist our members in education, training, and regulatory review and we will carry out our mission in a positive, cooperative manner. Membership is open to, and encouraged of, all Georgia POTW pretreatment personnel and staff members of Georgia Environmental Protection Division and US EPA Region 4 pretreatment programs.   For more information on the Pretreatment Committee, please contact Lisa Eury at

Wastewater Treatment Committee

The Wastewater Treatment Committee (WWTC) strives to serve the needs of the wastewater professionals working in the municipal sector. The Committee brings together members interested in municipal wastewater treatment, and includes professionals in plant operations, management, equipment manufacturing / sales and engineering design.  The Committee provides opportunities for professional development in the technical and regulatory aspects of wastewater treatment.  If you would like to participate in this committee, please contact Giny Jacob at


Relationship with WEF and GAWP

What is WEF?

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) is an international not-for-profit educational and technical organization with more than 38,000 members.  WEF is the leading wastewater treatment organization, and WEF is also involved in other aspects of protecting water quality and the environment such as air quality, ecology, hazardous wastes, industrial wastes, nonpoint source pollution, water reuse, biosolids recycling, and groundwater contamination.

As the resource for the water quality profession, WEF provides its members with the latest technical information on water quality and technology, cost-cutting design and implementation strategies, U.S. EPA enforcement activities, and timesaving certified operations training. WEF is a federation comprised of 79 “Member Associations”, six Operator Associations, and six Corresponding Associations in 32 countries. WEF's “Member Associations” carry out similar objectives to the Federation, but on a local level. Upon joining the Federation, you also become a member of the “Member Association” in your geographical area. Each “Member Association” is represented on WEF's Board of Directors, thereby having a strong impact on WEF's direction.

What is GAWP?

GAWP is the preeminent state association dedicated to education, dissemination of technical and scientific information, increased public understanding, and promotion of sound public laws and programs in the water resources and related environmental fields in Georgia. GAWP is affiliated with several national associations (WEF, AWWA and AWRA) through their Georgia Member Associations/Sections. GAWP is also affiliated with the Georgia Groundwater Association and the Georgia Water Wise Council. 

All of these affiliates are sections under the GAWP umbrella.  Being affiliated with all of these organizations makes GAWP the strongest state water association, because its members represent all areas of water resources.  To ensure that the sections and GAWP work together, each of the sections is represented on the GAWP Board of Directors.  The GAWP committees, such as membership, program, public education, etc., work for the association, as well as, the sections so that there are not duplicate committees.



GWEF is dedicated to education, dissemination of technical and scientific information, increased public understanding, and promotion of sound public laws and programs in the global water environment.


The purpose of GWEF is to be the Georgia Member Association of the Water Environment Federation, hereinafter designated as the Federation.  GWEF shall participate in the activities of the Federation and promote the objectives of the Federation in Georgia through the Association.

GWEF may hold meetings, make awards, conduct business pertaining to GWEF, and otherwise function as an organization provided it conforms to the objectives of the Association and the rules of the Federation.