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Fox McCarthy Water Wise Award

Fox McCarthy Water Wise Award

This award will recognize an outstanding project or program implemented by a water provider or a water user in Georgia.

Eligibility Requirements:

* All nominations must be made by GAWP Utility/Corporate members in good standing. Membership status will be verified right after the submission deadline. Projects of non GAWP members must be nominated by a GAWP Utility or Corporate member
* Water conserving project or program
* Implemented in Georgia
* Implemented within the last five (5) years

Award Evaluation Criteria
*Planning - Goals, objectives and strategies
*Execution - Resources allocated for project or program, difficulties encountered and overcome
*Effectiveness - Results in terms of success measurement (amount of water saved, environmental benefits, cost savings) and extent which objectives were met
*Innovation - Originality of project or program
*Transferability - Similar projects or programs could be implemented by other water users
*Assurance of Longevity - Efforts to ensure project or program has a lasting impact

Submit a document using the option below and include as much detail as possible.

Submission deadline: January 25, 2019.

This award is presented during the Spring Conference Awards Luncheon.