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Georgia Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Certification Program

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GBPAT Exam Registration

Effective March 10, 2020  

Exams are now administered by AMP/PSI

See the information below for more details and how to find the Exam schedule & locations

(exam fee is $102.00 and is payable to PSI/AMP when you register for the exam). Click Here for AMP/PSI's terms and conditions regarding registration for exams. 


  • The exam includes a one hundred question written portion.

  • You must pass the exam with a score of 70 or above.

  • If you do not pass the exam you must wait 30 days before retaking the exam.
  • An education level of a High School Diploma, GED or equivalent is required to take the exam.
  • If you are already registered for the 32-hour course, you may go ahead and register for the exam before you complete the course.
  • You are not permitted to take this exam unless you meet one of the following required criteria: 
  1. Completed a 32-hour backflow related course and hold a certificate of completion.(click here to see Training Providers list for 32-hour course offerings)
  2. Backflow Certified in another state or through a national certification and desire a Georgia Certification.
  3. Need to retake the exam due to a previous failing exam score.  

Click Here - Go Amp Testing Registration

(under Category select "Water/Wastewater", under Program select "GAWP Certification Programs", under Exam select "GAWP BPAT EXAM")


A student can take a proactive exam as a great way to get familiar with the format and navigation tools used during the computerized testing by following the link below. Click Here (select ABC Distribution)

You may find the Need-to-Know criteria at:


Once you have passed the exam Click Here to apply for your GBPAT Certification.

Still have questions? Please email, or call 770-618-8690