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Georgia Association of Water Professionals
1655 Enterprise Way
Marietta, GA 30067

Phone: (770) 618-8690
Fax (770) 618-8695

Who to Contact

Do you need to contact someone at GAWP, but you’re not sure who to talk to about a particular topic?  See the list below of general topics and which staff member(s) can best help you.  You can call our direct phone lines as listed below, or the main line (770-618-8690).  Of course, you can rely on any of us to do our best to answer your questions—we always welcome hearing from you!

Topic Staff Member Direct Line Email
Membership Dues, Event Registration, Invoices McEntyre/Cooke 770-618-8690
Annual Sponsors Lisa Celeste 678-540-7325
Awards Susana Lanier 678-540-7320
Backflow Certification Marci McEntyre 678-540-7320
Career Center Postings McEntyre/Cooke 770-618-8690
Committee Calendar Registration McEntyre/Cooke 770-618-8690
Committee-related Questions Susana Lanier 678-540-7328
Communications Angela Bond 678-540-7328
Conference & Events Registration McEntyre/Cooke 770-618-8690
Conference Exhibitor Registrations Mara Cooke 678-540-7324
Conference Planning & Management Joel Peacock 678-540-7322
District Support Susana Lanier 678-540-7320
Membership Dues Payments McEntyre/Cooke 770-618-8690
Membership Renewals McEntyre/Cooke 770-618-8690
Executive Luncheon Registration Susana Lanier 678-540-7320
Exhibitor Liaison & Support Joel Peacock 678-540-7322
Fundraising Events Lisa Celeste 678-540-7325
GAWP Management & Oversight Pam Burnett 678-540-7321
GAWP Membership Levels/Types Susana Lanier 678-540-7320
GAWP Training Center Facilities & Technology Joel Peacock 678-540-7322
GWWI Oversight Pam Burnett 678-540-7321
Joining GAWP/New Members Susana Lanier 678-540-7320
Leadership Academy Mike Thomas 678-540-7329
Leadership Development Mike Thomas 678-540-7329
Legislative Issues Pam Burnett 678-540-7321
Maintenance Certification GWWI 770-214-0153
Member Relations Mike Thomas 678-540-7329
Member Services Susana Lanier 678-540-7320
Membership Surveys Susana Lanier 678-540-7320
News & Notes Angela Bond 678-540-7328
Publications Angela Bond 678-540-7328
Scholarship Program Lisa Celeste 678-540-7325
Social Media Angela Bond 678-540-7328
Stormwater Program James Moore 678-540-7323
The Georgia Operator Angela Bond 678-540-7328
Utility Leadership Patrons Lisa Celeste 678-540-7325
Website Event & Registration Setup Susana Lanier 678-540-7320

GAWP Staff

Pam Burnett Executive Director (678) 540-7321
Joel A. Peacock Operations (678) 540-7322
Lisa Celeste GAWP Services (678) 540-7325
Susana Lanier
Member Services
(678) 540-7320
Angela Bond
Communications, Publications & Promotions
(678) 540-7328
Mara Cooke GAWP Services
(678) 540-7324
Marci McEntyre GAWP Services (678) 540-7326
James Moore Stormwater Specialist (678) 540-7323
Mike Thomas Member Relations and Leadership Development (678) 540-7329


GWWI Training Staff

Jim Poff Manager and Instructor
Rebecca Mansour
Project Coordinator
Skylar Lipson
Rick Wilson Instructor


For more information on Operator Training visit our GWWI website.