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Georgia Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Certification Program

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GBPAT Certification Requirements


How does a person become a certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester?

Step 1: An education level of a High School Diploma, GED or equivalent is required for this certification. 

Step 2: Complete the prerequisite training requirement

Please note, that prerequisite training programs must follow the concepts of the Manual of CrossConnection Control (9th or 10th Edition) from the University of Southern California (USC) Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research. Please note,approved Pre-Requisite training does not expire.

  1. Take the 32-hour BPAT Certification Class from one of the GAWP approved Training Providers. Georgia Water & Wastewater Institute (GWWI) is the official GAWP training provider for this course. Students will be required to pass hands-on proctored exams to obtain a training certificate. The hands-on performance evaluation requires the student to properly perform the USC 9th or 10th editions’ test procedure on the Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly, Double Check Valve Assembly, and the Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly. Click here to see GWWI schedule of classes. Click Here to see the complete list of current training GAWP Approved BPAT training providers.
  2. GAWP also accepts equivalent training and/or certifications from three other programs. All individuals seeking a Georgia BPAT certification must pass the Georgia exam.

American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE), (404) 696‐7121

American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA), (877) 227‐2127

University of Florida Center for Training, Research and Education for
Environmental Occupations (TREEO), 
(352) 392‐9570


Step 3: Pass the Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers Certification Exam.

GAWP has a contract with the Association of Boards of Certification (ABC) to administer a nationally recognized BPAT exam. ABC administers the exam by computer at AMP/PSI Testing centers located across the state the Georgia. Click here to schedule your exam. You are not permitted to take this exam if you have not completed a GAWP-Approved 32-hour course. Click Here to access the Association of Boards of Certification (ABC) Exam Need-to-Know Criteria for Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers. The exam has a 100 questions and a person must score a 70% to achieve a passing grade. Exam results report is received upon completion of the exam. If you do not pass the exam you will not be permitted to re-take the exam again for 30 days. 

A student can take a practice exam as a great way to get familiar with the format and navigation tools used during the computerized testing by following the link below: Click Here (Select ABC Distribution)


Step 4: Apply for your GBPAT Certification

Once you have passed the exam Click Here to apply for your GBPAT Certification.



Still have questions? Please email, or call 770-618-8690