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Georgia Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Certification Program

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GBPAT Reciprocity or Endorsement Information


GAWP does not grant reciprocity to Backflow certified testers from other programs or organizations with the exception of these three, ASSE, ABPA, and TREEO. If you hold an active backflow certification with one of these programs and wish to become certified as a Georgia Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester, you must complete the exam. You must have completed the equivalent prerequisite training and/or hold a valid active certification to take the exam. Please contact us at to have your training and/or certification validated and approved before taking the exam. Individual must pass exam and then apply for certification.

American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE), (404) 696‐7121

American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA), (877) 227‐2127

University of Florida Center for Training, Research and Education for
Environmental Occupations (TREEO), 
(352) 392‐9570

Still have questions? Please call or email  backflow@gawp.org770-618-8690