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Georgia Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Certification Program

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GAWP BPAT Certification Renewal (Re-certification)

If your Certification is from another organization such as ABPA, ASSE or TREEO please be sure to follow the Re-Certification (Renewal) Process of that certification type. GAWP cannot renew certifications from other organizations .



How does a person maintain a Georgia Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester certification (Continuing Education Requirement)?


Step 1: Keep track of your expiration and complete continuing education requirement before your certification expires. GAWP will send out a reminder to all Certified Testers as your expiration date approaches. You will receive a letter 6–12 weeks in advance as long as your email and mailing address are up-to-date in our database. If you need to update your contact information, please email backflow@gawp.orgYou are encouraged not to wait until the last few months to get your training. Classes do fill up quickly.


Step 2: Complete training needed to renew your certification Six (6) contact hours of GABPAT approved must be completed. Training certificates must include: course name, course date, course length, GBPAT Course approval number and name of Trainer. Each Certified Backflow Tester is required to obtain six (6) contact hours of Backflow Continuing Education during the 3 years your certification is active. See the list of Training Providers to find a Re-certification Course.


Step 3: Renew your certification:  In order to renew your Backflow certification, please read the renewal requirements below. Exceptions cannot be made for those that fail to renew their certification properly. Failure to follow the process laid out for this program will result in your certification expiring and license suspended.


A: On Time Renewals (Certification has not expired) click here($160.00)

1. To renew your Certification you must submit the renewal request along with the Renewal Fee ($160.00) and a copy of the six (6) contact hours of Continuing Education you have completed that are related to Backflow.

2. This information must be received by GAWP no later than you expiration date.

3.  Completion of Code of Ethics form is required with each renewal (included in online form).


B: Late Renewals (Certification expired) click here($210.00)

1. If you fail to renew your certification before your expiration date, you will have 90 days to submit the renewal request along with a copy of your proof of six (6) contact hours of Continuing Education specific to Backflow. A Late Fee ($50.00) will be added to the renewal cost.


2. During this 90-day grace period your certification will NOT be active, and you must cease from testing Backflow assemblies until you have received your new certification information.

3. Completion of Code of Ethics form is required with each renewal (included in online form).


C: After the 90-day grace period, your certification will be suspended and you are required to retake the Backflow Exam. 



Still have questions?  Please call or email 770-618-8690