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Georgia Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Certification Program

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Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP) has been tasked by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) to administer a certification program for Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers (BPAT) per State of Georgia regulations titled RULES FOR SAFE DRINKING WATER Chapter 391-3-5. Click Here for the Georgia regulations as of 3-27-2020 


Another goal of this program is to serve all of the water purveyors required by EPD to have written Cross Connection Control programs addressing inspection and testing of backflow assemblies. All Water Purveyors with at least 10,000 connections are required to have a program, but smaller water purveyors may also be required depending on special circumstances. GAWP recommends all water purveyors have a cross connection control program to protect drinking water distribution systems.


It is the responsibility of Water Purveyors to maintain approved lists of backflow testers for their jurisdiction. Click here for a list of all certified Backflow testers in the state of Georgia. In effort to eliminate fraudulent testing, please click here (link coming soon) to report alleged fraudulent testing in your jurisdiction. GAWP will be the organization to track and maintain alleged fraudulent testing events in Georgia. Water purveyors may request a copy of the latest list of alleged fraudulent testing events with an email request to


Still have questions? Please email, or call 770-618-8690