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GWWI Instructor

Organization: Georgia Association of Water Professionals
Date Posted: 9/16/2019
City: Carrollton
Location: Georgia
Country: United States
Primary Category: Instructor
Type of Position: Full-Time

Description & Details

We’re Hiring at GWWI (Georgia Water & Wastewater Institute)!

One of the best jobs in the water industry may be waiting for you! 

We are looking for INSTRUCTORS to help train the current and future generation of operators and industry personnel.  You could make a huge impact by sharing your knowledge and skills, and teaching others everything from the basics to the advanced best practices.  We are currently adding to our team, and looking for energetic and passionate instructors to help us expand our course offerings and training.  We are looking to expand our great team of instructors at GWWI to train today’s workforce for tomorrow’s challenges. 


Training Specialists

Develops curriculum, training materials, classroom demonstrations and presentations, and delivers training to a diverse audience of adults working in the field of water and wastewater operations. Training includes a mix of theoretical, regulatory, and practical knowledge for operation and maintenance of water and wastewater facilities.  This includes all aspects of drinking water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, safety, backflow prevention, compliance, laboratory methods, and other training for operators seeking state certification and license renewals.  In addition to long periods of classroom instruction, this position relies heavily upon use of technology, hands-on instruction using tools for the operation and maintenance of equipment, safe materials handling, field demonstrations, facility tours, and travel to training locations throughout Georgia. 

The position reports to the Carrollton location of the Georgia Association of Water Professionals, known as the Georgia Water and Wastewater Training Institute.  The physical location of this training facility is on the property of the City of Carrollton wastewater treatment plant, which is an industrial facility for the processing and reclamation of wastewater.  The training facility and all training equipment within the facility are operated and maintained by the training specialist(s) on site.  Maintenance of the building and equipment requires physical activities that include lifting, bending, crawling, reaching, pushing, pulling, and carrying tools and equipment, often in a wet environment.  Classroom instruction requires long periods (up to 8 hours) of standing, writing on the board, carrying heavy boxes of classroom materials, equipment and tools, and teaching up to 35 students in a class.  (Backflow and lab classes are typically smaller, in the range of 15-20.) The instructor is responsible for students overall safety and comfort while receiving instruction.

Credentials include a minimum of 5 years of occupational experience directly related to water and wastewater operations, maintenance, and/or management. State or National Certification(s) in water and wastewater certifications required.


How to Apply / Contact

Send by email your resume and a letter of interest to:

James G. Poff
Georgia Water & Wastewater Institute
511 Stadium Drive
Carrollton, GA 30117