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Post job openings, find potential candidates, search openings and subscribe to new posting notifications.

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Posting job openings is free to all GAWP Corporate and Utility Members.

If your company is a Corporate or Utility member, you will need to sign in with the username and password for the Corporate or Utility membership to post jobs for free. Each Corporate or Utility member has a designated "Key Member" who should know the username and password for the corporate/utility membership. If you do not know who the "Key Member" is for your company or utility, please email Member Services.


If you are not a GAWP Corporate or Utility Member you may still purchase and post Jobs to our website. The cost to post a career opening is $75 and the duration of the post will be for 30 days.

PURCHASE AND POST A CAREER OPENING - Once you have purchased your career posting, you will be emailed an invoice/receipt with a link to post your job to our Career Center. 

*Please Note: If you choose the Bill Me option when purchasing your career center posting, you will not be able to post your job until payment is received. Once payment is received you will receive a receipt with a link to post your job to the Career Center.