Over the past year, GAWP has made progress on an important strategic initiative to produce a web-based documentary on the History of Water in Georgia.  Our intention is to present how water related decisions have been made over time in reaction to development, regulations and technological advancements.  The basic elements of the documentation are as followings:

  1. A timeline illustrating key state wide activities that have influenced how water is managed throughout the State.  We have drafted brief write-ups for the elements of the timeline as well as identified links to other sites where warranted. 
  2. The GAWP history outlines the development the Georgia Association of Water Professionals starting from the first Operator school in 1932.
  3. Local Utilities Stories are intended to present on individual stories throughout the state and how individual utilities developed and responded to key issues throughout history.  We have obtained historical documentation from multiple utilities and are currently reaching out to additional utilities to document their specific stories.   The history can be presented as a simple story (by completing a standard form) or can be a more detailed written or audio presentation. 
  4. There are two sections of the history project that have not been developed yet: Then and Now and Tech Advancements.  These sections will illustrate how items such as water quality has changed over time as well as how technological advancements have impacted the water business in Georgia. 

Water History TimelineThe critical success factor for this project is to adequately document the individual stories throughout Georgia. We strongly urge you to contribute to this important project.  We’d love to hear your story!  For more information contact Angela Bond abond@gawp.org at 770-618-8690.