Calculate your Water Career Profile

Please answer the following questions; indicating which option applies most to you. Try to answer honestly on the basis of what you would most likely do or what sounds most appealing. There are no right or wrong answers. Just go with your "gut feeling," and choose the answer that you feel comfortable with most of the time. 

1. Which would you rather do?

a. Watch other people play a sport.

b. Play the sport yourself.

2. Which sounds like more fun?

a. Going to a big party and seeing lots of people.

b. Hanging out with a few close friends

3. Which statement do you agree with more?

a. I prefer working on graded assignments by myself.

b. I prefer working on graded assignments with a group of people.

4. Imagine you've just spent a mnth studying the water cycle in your science class. Which of the following two assignments would you prefer?

a. Answer 10 questions about the water cycle, and turn them in to the teacher in 3 days.

b. Come up with your own project showing what you have learned about the water cycle, and turn it in within the next month.

5. Given the choice, which would you rather do for an afternoon?

a. Write a poem, story, or article about a lake, and then watch a movie on the Mississippi River.

b. Participate in a stream cleanup and make a sculpture from the trash you removed from the stream.

6. Which do you think you would rather do?

a. Start and run your own company.

b. Work for an existing company.

7. Which do you think is more exciting?

a. Winning a team Olympic gold medal in basketball or gymnastics.

b. Winning an individual Olympic gold medal in figure skating or track.

8. Which more accurately describes you?

a. I'm always dreaming up new ideas and new ways of doing things.

b. I'm a good organizer and good planner.

9. If you spent a week with friends at a beach house, which would you prefer?

a. Being where the action is all of the time.

b. Having some time to yourself.

10. In a foreign city, which would you rather do?

a. Play a game of soccer with some local teenagers.

b. Visit a local museum or "people watch" in a café.

11. If you're getting gifts for your friends and family, which would you do?

a. Buy unique gifts at a store.

b. Make the gift yourself.

12. Which statement better describes how you interact with friends?

a. I'm usually the one who comes up with ideas for what we should do together.

b. I tend to follow along with other people's ideas.

13. On most days, which do you wish you had more of?

a. Time to yourself.

b. More time with other people.

14. Which two classes do you prefer?

a. Physical education and art.

b. English and mathematics.

15. On a rainy day, which do you prefer to do?

a. Read a book

b. Go to a video arcade or an indoor basketball court.

Career Profile Scoring Sheet

Circle all of your answers from the "What's Your Preference?" questionnaire. For example, if you answered (a) for question number 1 on the questionnaire, find 1a below and circle it. Then circle the category header that most of your answers were categorized under.*

2b 3a 7b 9b 13a
2a 3b 7a 9a 13b
Which category has more of your answers (individual or group)?
1b 5b 10a 14a 15b
1a 5a 10b 14b 15a
Which category has more of your answers (action or reflection)?
4b 6a 8a 11b 12a
4a 6b 8b 11a 12b
Which category has more of your answers (innovation or process)?

Water Career Profiles

You’re a creative individualist who could produce amazing products or research. You’ll be happiest if you can pursue your innovative ideas away from schedules and big business. Career possibilities include the following:

> Reservoir Manager

> Electrician

> Pump Station Operator

You have the right skill to do important hands-on work. Best of all, you can be counted on to get the job done without a whole lot of supervision or support. Perhaps you’d like to be one of the following:

> Surveyor

> Accountant

> Water Plant Operator

> Laboratory Analyst

> Meter Reader

For you, the perfect job puts you in some quiet, secluded setting where you’re free to contemplate the world and to come up with creative ideas for making it a better place. Possible jobs include the following:

> Civil Engineer

> Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Specialist

> Chemist

Your skills make you a great asset to many projects. You think clearly, keep a close eye on details, and help people turn ideas into action. Possible jobs include the following:

> Health & Safety Officer

> Microbiologist

> Administrative Assistant

> Information System Programmer

> Welder

> Machinist

You’re skilled at guiding other people, motivating them to work and think hard, and make real improvements in the world. You may consider working as one of the following:

> Water Resource Planner

> Director of a large utility

> Environmental Resources Specialist

You like to be where the action is-talking and working with people on a regular basis. You have the right combination of energy and gregariousness to be one of the following:

> Public Affairs Specialist

> Government Relations Specialist

> Customer Service Representative

You have the makings of a true leader –someone who is a good thinker and knows how to motivate other people into action. You might consider being one of the following:

> Water Conservation Specialist

> Construction Manager

> Environmental Specialist

You're skilled at applying your mental sharpness to interesting problems and you enjoy working with a team whose members are as capable as you are. You have the makings of one of the following:

> Heavy Equipment Operator

> Human Resources Specialist

> Engineering Technician