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2016 Outstanding Stormwater Management Program Award
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2016 Outstanding Stormwater Management Program Award


This award is to recognize outstanding local government stormwater management programs in Georgia. Programs must be owned/designed by a Corporate or Utility member of GAWP. Programs of non GAWP members must be nominated by a GAWP Utility or Corporate memberNPDES Phase I communities and NPDES Phase II communities are especially invited to apply. There are separate awards for each category.


Nominated programs will be judged based on their efforts above and beyond permit requirements in the measures of pollution prevention/good housekeeping for municipal operations, illicit discharge detection and elimination, construction site runoff control, post-construction stormwater management in new development and redevelopment, and public education, outreach, involvement and participation on stormwater impacts.


Submission Deadline: Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mail 3 additional copies of the Program Description to: GAWP, 1655 Enterprise Way, Marietta, GA 30067


Program Description - Be sure to attach this document to your application below

Please attach a description of the program that is no more than six (6) typed, single-spaced, 8½ x 11 pages, with minimum 11-point font. Please organize program description based on the five evaluation criteria described below, addressing how the program meets minimum permit requirements and highlighting efforts that exceed these requirements. 


Supplemental Information

Map, graphics, photos, or supporting documentation such as associated public outreach materials may be included and will not be counted as part of the six pages.


Evaluation Criteria and Weighting

Programs will be weighed evenly on five (5) criteria. Each criterion will be worth up to 10 points(50 total possible points).

  • Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping for Municipal Operations
  • Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
  • Construction Site Runoff Control
  • Post-Construction Stormwater Management in New Development and Redevelopment Public 
  • Public Education and Outreach on Stormwater Impacts; Public Involvement/Participation

Questions? Contact James Morre, GAWRA Secretary at or 404-217-9516.

 Winners will be recognized at the GAWP Stormwater/Watershed Specialty Conference on May 24th at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center.