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Severe Weather Alert
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Notice to All GAWP Utilities – GAWP is asking for your assistance in this weather emergency. We have attached the information from GAWARN below and request your cooperation if at all possible as WE NEED YOUR HELP!! - The threat of inclement weather is upon us again. The GEMA State Operations Center (SOC) activated at 3 PM on Monday, February 10, 2014 in preparation for a potential severe weather event forecast to arrive in Georgia later this evening and your assistance is needed.

GEMA is asking our members as well as our partner organizations to take an inventory of onsite generators, especially any generators that could be offered for deployment in an emergency situation. The Generator Site Profile form is listed below and it would be most appreciated if you could complete and return that form. Be prepared to fill it out if your generator fails at your facility and you need assistance. It’s imperative that GAWARN and the GEMA State Operations Center staff get the correct information when requesting power generation during ice events and extended duration of power outage.

Below are useful documents to help us through this weather related emergency:

If assistance is needed at your Utility and/or City during this weather event, contact your local EMA Director, go to or call 800-TRY-GEMA.

For more information about the winter storm in Georgia, see: