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GAWP Race Car Derby
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Calling All Race Fans!!! 


GAWP holds a "Model Race Car Derby” and everyone is invited to join the racing!!

The Race track is similar to a Pine Wood Derby Track it is approximately 30’ long with two lanes that are 10.5” wide.   The races take place at the Spring, Fall and Annual Conferences. The Races are held in the exhibit hall throughout the day and the Grand Finale Races are held during the evening receptions, check our conference programs for the dates and times!

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Car Requirements
  • Competitors must build a race car individually.
  • Race cars must use at least 3 supply parts related to your position, or parts that pertain to the water/wastewater industry (wood does not count).
  • All cars must be 18” or less in length.
  • Cars cannot extend beyond, over, or above the start gate pin. (Pin is 1.5” high). A 1/2” wide bumper in the center of the car both on the front and the back is required to make contact with the pin.
  •  Width – maximum 6"
  • Height – maximum 6"
  • Weight – maximum 1lb 8oz (24 ounces). Cars will be weighed.
  • Race cars can only be gravity powered.
  • Approved Pinewood Derby competition wheels must be used (can be found at Hobby Lobby or Michaels).
Past Race Results:

2015 Annual Conference

2015 Spring Conference

2014 Fall Conference

2014 Annual Conference


Fastest Recorded Lap Time:

Chad Mcmurrian - Sewer Hook - ESG/PERRY  2.3522sec


 Submit your Derby Registration Here