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Biosolids/Residuals Program of Excellence
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Biosolids/Residuals Program of Excellence 

These awards recognize excellence in biosolids management. Candidates will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Recycling or reuse of natural resources such as nutrients and organic matter found in biosolids or other sludges
  • Demonstrated energy efficiency and/or cost effectiveness
  • Demonstrated excellence in program/project management
  • Technical innovation in the management of biosolids/residuals

 Award Categories are:

  • Large Operating Projects, producing greater than 5 dry tons per day
  • Small Operating Projects, producing less than 5 dry tons per day
  • Technology Innovation and Development
  • Research Program
  • Public Acceptance Program

Eligibility Criteria:

  •  Programs/projects must be geographically located in Georgia.
  • Company must be a GAWP Corporate/Utility Member in good standing. Membership status will be verified right after the submission deadline. Submissions for non-member Utilities/Companies will not be considered for the award

    Applicants may submit for only one award category per year.


    Award winners will not be eligible for submission of the same facility/program in the subsequent year.


    Applicants are ineligible if there are outstanding regulatory consent orders related to the submitted Biosolids / Residuals Management Program.


    Applicants must be in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances in order to be considered.


    Applicants must allow/support unannounced onsite inspections by the award evaluation teams.


    Applicants must provide additional documentation and information as requested by the award evaluation teams.


    An award may not be awarded in every category each year, even if applications have been submitted.


    Evaluation teams/judges may not participate in inspections/evaluations for any program/project with which they are affiliated in any way.


    The decision of the award evaluation teams/judges is final.

Be sure to view this award's Inspection forms found under the Inspections Checklists section of the Awards Page. 

Submission Deadline:January 13, 2017