In response to the water resource challenges facing Georgia, Governor Barnes proposed and the General Assembly adopted Senate Resolution 142 during the 2001 legislative session. SR142 created a 23 member Joint Comprehensive Water Plan Study Committee and a 50 member Water Plan Advisory Committee. The committees were given the responsiibity of developing the framework for the State Water Management Plan and identifying actions to better manage water resources. The Vinson Institute of Government provided staff support for the study committee’s efforts. In May 2001, EPD prepared a Water Issues White Paper recommending the following 15 specific water issues and solutions for consideration by the Joint Study Committee for inclusion in the State Water Plan.

  1. Inter-basin water transfers;
  2. Allocation of state water to private entities for resale;
  3. Improve allocation of water for agricultural use;
  4. Statewide water conservation;
  5. Interim in-stream flow protection strategy;
  6. Priorities for water use during drought;
  7. Privately owned public water systems;
  8. Joint Assure a reliable and adequate water supply in growth areas with water supply reservoirs;
  9. Real-time water management;
  10. Water quality monitoring;
  11. Attain water quality standards;
  12. Assure wastewater capacity in growth areas;
  13. Develop and implement erosion and sedimentation control improvements;
  14. Public information and involvement; and
  15. Improve old water and sewer infrastructure.