The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) embarked on two efforts in 1997 to address the salt water intrusion problem that was occurring in Georgia’s aquifers due to excessive groundwater pumping. The first effort focused on developing an “Interim Strategy for Managing Salt Water Intrusion in the Upper Floridian Aquifer of Southeast Georgia.” The Interim Strategy spanned a 24-County area along the coast of Georgia and described how EPD would address groundwater withdrawal permitting during the period of 1997-2005. The Interim Strategy also resulted in a moratorium on groundwater withdrawal permits for the Upper Floridian aquifer for municipal, industrial and agricultural uses. The second effort, called the “Coastal Sound Science Initiative (CSSI),” included developing and implementing various scientific and engineering studies to generate data and information required to guide development of a salt water intrusion management plan.

Source: Coastal Georgia Water & Wastewater Permitting Plan for Managing Salt Water Instruction, June 2006.